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Compress PDF

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User-friendly online PDF compressor tool

CompressPDF is a user-friendly online tool for compressing PDF files. This tool lets you compress PDF files within 3-5 seconds. You just need to upload the desired PDF file from local storage or drag and drop the PDF file from the cloud server to get the compressed PDF file.

Multiplatform supported PDF compressor tool for online users

CompressPDF tool supports major website browsers, operating systems, and efficiently performs across all computer-based devices. You only need an internet-based device that can compress your PDF file using this tool in a quick responsive manner.

Safest online PDF compressor tool

CompressPDF tool is based on the principle of the process and removal system of the uploaded file. As per the working model of this tool, the user uploaded file is automatically deleted from the CompressPDF server immediately after compressing the file. Additionally, this tool never claims on your compressed PDF file in the future.

Easy to upload, download and sharing solution

CompressPDF offers a new-edge solution for the online PDF compressor requirement. This amazing tool allows you to upload, download, and share the compressed file at the same place only by getting the help of an internet-supported device.

CompressPDF is developed for all

CompressPDF offers an easy to use experience. This PDF compressor tool is developed for every online user. People who can browse the internet easily use this tool. You can easily upload the desired PDF file on the tool and download it after compressing the PDF file.

Registration free PDF compressor tool

CompressPDF is a registration-free PDF compressor tool. You just need to connect your computer device with the internet and reach our website. You can use this PDF compressor tool effectively and enjoy the ultimate experience in compressing your PDF file.


How to get the compressed PDF file using CompressPDF online tool:

  • CompressPDF is an internet-based PDF compressor solution. Following are the steps for compressing PDF files:

  • Open the website URL on your device

  • Upload the PDF file from your local device storage or cloud storage

  • Congrats! Your work is done and the compressed PDF file is ready for download

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which format file can I compress using this free online tool?

    You can compress PDF files using this tool. You can easily upload the PDF file either from your local storage or cloud storage that you wish to compress at an instant. The compressed PDF file offers the same look and feel. This tool is free and provides an amazing experience to the online tool users.

  • Are uploaded PDF files stored at your server or removed automatically after compressing?

    We follow the work model of the process and removal system of the uploaded PDF file. It means your uploaded file will be deleted automatically once your PDF file is compressed using our tool. We are dedicated to providing the fastest ever PDF compression experience and that’s the other reason we never store your file as it can affect the speed of our server as well.

  • What are the steps for compressing a PDF file using this tool?

    Compressing your PDF file just need an internet-connected device and follow the below-given steps to get the desired output– Step 1: Hit the URL on your device internet browser Step 2: Upload the desired PDF file Step 3: Once your PDF file is uploaded, you can download and share the file at the desired location.

  • What will happen, if I switch to another tab while uploading the PDF file?

    CompressPDF is a user-friendly online PDF compressor tool. There is no such restriction to use another tab during the PDF file compression process. Once our server gets the command from a user, file compression is processed internally. So, you just need to upload the desired PDF file for compression and after that, you can switch to other tabs with no worry.

  • How much time will it take to compress the PDF file?

    Compressing your PDF file on our server does not take more than five seconds. You never wait long to compress your PDF file. We have used new-edge technology in the backend and our server is supported by high-end computer components. The fastest ever PDF file compression ability of CompressPDF has made it the first choice among online tool users.

  • Can I get the best quality compressed file with the CompressPDF tool?

    Yes, using the CompressPDF tool you will get the best quality compressed PDF file. The tool has been developed after comprehensive research on market needs. We have used advanced techniques to offer the best experience to the users. You will rest assured of getting the best lightweight compressed PDF file using our online PDF compressor tool.

  • How CompressPDF is the finest PDF compressor tool?

    CompressPDF is considered as the best PDF compressor tool. It can compress your PDF file to minimize the file size without quality loss in minimum steps. It enables you to compress PDF files properly in a limited time. For all these things, this tool is considered as the finest PDF compressor tool.

  • How does it offer limitless opportunities to compress PDF file?

    This tool allows users to compress the PDF file with no restrictions. It is a browser-supported online PDF file compressor tool that is not dependent on specific software, computer environment, or operating system. Only you need to reach the website, upload the desired PDF file from local storage or cloud server and you will get the compressed PDF file within 3-5 seconds.

  • How is it a multi-device supported online PDF compressor tool?

    Being the best online PDF compressor solution it facilitates easy to use features to the online users. Here are some extraordinary features of the CompressPDF tool: -Browser-supported solution -Multi-device Supported tool -Safest online PDF compressor -Fastest solution for compressing PDF files online